About Solo Graduates

Solo Graduates is a social club based in wider-Melbourne and run by members for the benefit and enjoyment of members.

Growing out of a University of Melbourne graduates group formed in 1991, Solo Graduates became an incorporated association in 2005, welcoming graduates of any university or other tertiary institution. See our Rules of Incorporation.

We aim to provide members with a variety of events and opportunities for having fun and making friends. See our statement of purpose.

Activities are organised and hosted by members and include: dinners, drinks nights and brunches, as well as film nights, walks, picnics and barbecues, pub nights, visits to galleries, house parties, day trips out of Melbourne and more. Activities are listed in the current calendar.

You are welcome to attend some of our social activities so that you can meet our members and chat with us about what the group offers. See How to join for details of social events open to visitors.

Or, follow us on Facebook to check out recent posts and activities.

For information about how to join Solo Graduates, see our How to join page.

From a member:
Solos is a wonderful way to make new friends and have a varied social life. It has also been a great way to meet like-minded people who are happy being single.