Social activities planned for the current month.

More events may be added from time to time.
Blue shaded events are open to visitors.

February 2021
February 7 Sunday Brunch at Food Republic. Call 0437 886 712 to get details and book in.
February 13 Film Night. Watch one or two of the selected films: Testament of Youth and The Teacher, then join in the zoom discussion. Films are available on various streaming services
February 14 Walk along Scotchman's Creek (approx. 10 km), then take the train back to the starting point of the walk.
February 15 What's in a name? A Zoom meeting to learn about the origins of some commonly used words.
February 19 3rd Friday Drinks at the Boat Builders Yard. Call 0437 886 712 to book in.
February 20 Book Night. Join a zoom discussion to talk about a book of your choice, and hear what others are reading.
February 27 4th Friday Dinner. Call 0437 886 712 to book in (Bookings are essential for this event).