How to join us

solo outing

Who may join? Anyone who is single and who has a university degree or equivalent may apply to join.

Before joining Before you apply to join please come to some of our events. You're welcome to join us at up to 3 social events that are open to potential new members. First see if you are eligible to join us. We encourage you to come along to at least one of our events and meet us. See the current calendar for events that you are welcome to attend (shaded in blue on the calendar). These events are held every month and include a wide cross-section of our members:

. First Sunday of the month brunch
. Third Friday drinks
. Fourth Saturday dinner

Contact us by phone: 0437 886 712 or email for details and to book into any of these events.

Membership Fee The annual membership fee is $60 (1 July-30 June). After 1 December pay only $30 until the end of May.

Applying to join The application process is easy. Please complete the Application for membership form and return it with a copy of your academic qualifications (either a copy of the formal documentation issued to you at the time of graduation, or a transcript of academic record) and send these, preferably by email, or by mail to the address shown on the form.

Once your application has been acccepted We’ll promptly welcome you to Solo Graduates, and you will receive a request to deposit the applicable membership fee to the account whose details are shown on the membership form. We’ll also forward you a full copy of the current newsletter so that you can immediately begin to enjoy the full range of member events.

From a member:
Before I joined Solos I was spending a lot of Saturday nights at home. Since joining the group I rarely spend a Saturday night at home. I really enjoy attending the dinners and movie nights with the many friends I have made.